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I wanted to make another website. One all about me.

This site is mainly going to be about what I like and dont like. Maybe some random aim messages from friends, favorite things. Just stuff about me and my life. I'll post poetry (sometimes) and pictures of random things because i am random like that.  Oh yea and once school starts.. i'll give you the 4/11 about each day. So i guess its safe to say this is like a blog of my life? Eh.. we'll go with that <33

American Idiot-Greenday

Music by "Everything..."

Updates and Such

Whenever I update, it will be posted here!

11/31 - Just started the site. I plan on putting a few things in but i need to get some sleep too.


Please be sure to get in touch and let me know what you think of my site.


this site is all about me. like it or love it i am who i am and cant change