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Here's more than you probably want to know about me...

Well i guess you want to know the master behind the computer screen? Eh. well lets see... i'm a fourteen year old girl who likes music, computers, anime, books, video games and all that jazz. I love computers (as you can see) and spend a lot of time on them.  I have many websites. Including a myspace and xanga. i like writing and drawing (when i have the time) and i absolutley looove winter ^_^

I like rock and some rap. But not as much as i used to.  I love my friends and family and spending time with them.  Im always on aim so feel free to chat it up with me: Oox Hikari.  I have a fascination with the Japanese culture. Im sort of shy when im meeting new people, but once you get to know me.. i talk a lot. I love to laugh and have a good time and im very laid back.  Im a little disorganized at times but im usually pretty good with keeping stuff clean.  Im very loyal to my friends and i will do anything for them, no matter what the cost.  IM very opinionated when it comes to politics. Yes, i am a girl that watches the news and knows whats going on in the world.  I dont like to hurt people's feelings and hate to see others cry.  I have a strong sense of justice and do what i feel is right. i love to have fun and sing and dance.. yea stuff like that. I dont change for anyone and if you dont like it... then thats too damn bad!

check out my myspace*


my yyh and ygo fan site :)

this is me
yes i know im ugly x_x haha

Fall Out Boy-Sugar We're Going Down

Music by "Everything..."

More About Me:

here's a little more info about me.. if you care to look that is :)

Favorite TV Show: Viva La Bam
Favorite Movie: Phantom Of The Opera
Favorite Music: Greenday, MCR, yellowcard, maroon5, Linkin Park, Fall Out Boy... yea stuff like that
Favorite Book: Harry Potter Series
Favorite Sports Team: I dont have one. I cheer for those who earn it!
Favorite Food: mashed potatoes haha
Eye Color: Blue Grey
Hair Color: Brown/ Blonde hilights
Friends: mokkie, hikari, bakura, marik, yami = best friends forever! (lol u know who u people are!) sarah dear! dan, joey, johnny <33

Favorite Quotes

Oglethorpe: What are you talking about? Don't flatter yourself with your jealous fantasies. What do you want us to do, sign your freaking yearbook?! [Aqua Teen Hunger Force.. another good show :) ]

(The family is coming back from the basketball game)
Peter: Hey nice job Chris! You wiped the floor with that towel!
Chris: Yeah did you see me when that hottie was all up im ma kool aid!? Yeah I was about to break off a lil' somthin somthin but then my crew gave me the 411 on that skank and shes all about the bling-bling!
(Peter slams on the breaks)
Peter: Meg start reading at Pslam 41 and don't stop! The power of Christ compels you! The power of Christ compels you! (While Peter is squirting holy water in Chris's eyes)
Lois: Peter what on earth are you doing?!
Peter: The boy is speaking in tounges Lois!
The power of Christ compels you! The power of Christ compels you!
Lois: Peter stop it! He's not possesed!
Meg: Yeah he's just talking street. A lot of kids do it.
Peter: Oh. Well that's weird.
[family guy]

this site is all about me. like it or love it i am who i am and cant change