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Here are some random IM's from my dear friends!

Here's a few inside jokes and aim messages that i thought where hilarious!



Britt and I talking about hercules
booya02tt: tahst teh first time i ever heard sum1 say
booya02tt: hercules is hot
booya02tt: ahaha
booya02tt: *pimpo
Oox hikari: ahahahah
Oox hikari: i odntthink he is
Oox hikari: but all the girls in the movie do
booya02tt: ahahahaah
booya02tt: ahaha
booya02tt: LMAo
booya02tt: ahah look
Oox hikari: you notice how they always have a random fattie like in the crowd
booya02tt: AHHAH
Oox hikari: all of them are skinny
booya02tt: LOL
Oox hikari: then the just show this one fat girl
Oox hikari: its like wtf mate?!
booya02tt: they make the fat ppl and handicapped ppl in textboosk so like evryone feels a prt of it
booya02tt: ahah
booya02tt: HAHAH
Oox hikari: hahha that was ggood
booya02tt: AHHAAH
booya02tt: OMG
booya02tt: new pro
Oox hikari: i was just gona say this is away message worthy lol

Sarah and I talking about Going to Japan in an RV

urmysweetdemise: hahahah lol
XxYoruxTakaixX: omg
urmysweetdemise: paige...your rv can walk on water
urmysweetdemise: PAIGE HAS A JESUS RV!
XxYoruxTakaixX: WOOT
urmysweetdemise: heck yes.
urmysweetdemise: i want a jesus rv.
urmysweetdemise: the back of it will say
urmysweetdemise: "REPENT BITCHES!"
urmysweetdemise: haha lol
XxYoruxTakaixX: AHAHAHA
sarah me and you are like the weirdest of all...but i love you!! BF4E!!

Chinese Temple

China Garden

we are the ANTI- MCDONALDS club!

XxYoruxTakaixX: i want a katana and an uzi then my life would be complete and i could die happy
TBC Jr Twister: lol
XxYoruxTakaixX: or a machete
TBC Jr Twister: and alotta other ppl wuld die b4 u
TBC Jr Twister: lol
XxYoruxTakaixX: cos id go on a rampage
TBC Jr Twister: dam right
XxYoruxTakaixX: first i would kill the gas people because its too expensive
XxYoruxTakaixX: then i would kill cartoon network cos they suck then i would kill mcdonalds
TBC Jr Twister: LMFAO!!
XxYoruxTakaixX: because i hate mcdonalds then walmart because its a skanky store
XxYoruxTakaixX: AND FURTHER MORE i would kill Borders
TBC Jr Twister: yeaaaa
XxYoruxTakaixX: GAHH... i spent like half my life savings on books
TBC Jr Twister: dum ass
i kno i am dan, but im loved ^_^

Dan and I talking about Inuyasha and how we would kick so much ass if we were on it... mahaha
Oox hikari: LIKE A KATANA SOME A-K's AND A UZI dood
Oox hikari: id be kickin some ass there
BA100A: uzis
Oox hikari: lol me and u dan
BA100A: true
Oox hikari: snap he madeit
BA100A: breakin out teh uzis and the katanas
Oox hikari: they look all nicely drawn
Oox hikari: YEA DAN
BA100A: true
Oox hikari: damn if i were kagome id be packin the power man
BA100A: this bow?
BA100A: psh
Oox hikari: lol :breaks in half::
BA100A: i got a-k 47..
Oox hikari: YES
BA100A: lol
Oox hikari: UZI's dood me and u would so kick ass show dem whose boss
BA100A: dem bitches would be beggin for inuyasha to come back
Oox hikari: yes
Oox hikari: yes
Oox hikari: thats it
Oox hikari: and u could fck sango
Oox hikari: ahahaha
BA100A: giant turd balls
Oox hikari: and i could have ermm..
Oox hikari: umm...
Oox hikari: miroku.
BA100A: wtf haha
Oox hikari: yea
Oox hikari: hahaha
BA100A: yea
BA100A: and inu and kagome
BA100A: one big orgy
Oox hikari: yea lol
BA100A: haha
Oox hikari: thats the orgy of a lifetime
Oox hikari: ANOTHER EMAIL hahaha
BA100A: lol
Oox hikari: those were the best
BA100A: true
BA100A: lol
Oox hikari: u notice they all have the same hair pretty much
Oox hikari: black
Oox hikari: and its like the same style
BA100A: your wrong...they have different shades of black
Oox hikari: OH SNAP they gottum
BA100A: black
Oox hikari: lol w/e
BA100A: and black
Oox hikari: same difference
Oox hikari: dood
BA100A: lol
Oox hikari: me and u would so kick ass
Oox hikari: hahaha
Oox hikari: wit our uzis
Oox hikari: ican imagine tht hahaha
BA100A: they wouldnt even touch us
Oox hikari: i know
Oox hikari: man
BA100A: bitch get out of the wat
BA100A: *way
Oox hikari: we too hot
Oox hikari: my battle cry
Oox hikari: "REPENT BITCH!:
Oox hikari: AAHHA
BA100A: haha
Oox hikari: loldood. thats another adventure for us to umm..write
BA100A: yep
BA100A: thats another 600 messages
BA100A: lol

Inuyasha gettin ready to kick ass

"Wind Tunnel"

Battle ship RULES!

"I banish you to the SHADOW REALM!"
Me and flick.. being weird..
[ if you dont watch yugioh u wont get this hahah ]
Hikari(Me): i want mariks hair
Marik(joe pepe): i can get it up like that
Hikari: well im still taking your rod
Hikari: omg that sounded wrong
Marik: only if i can take a peek into your shadow realm
hikari&marik=Bf4e!! woot we PWN the shadow REALM!! woot...ahahaha good chats wit u flick!

Me and sarah talking about the internet pervs..

xpoprocksandsoda: haha.
xpoprocksandsoda: would you like company
xpoprocksandsoda: just in case he ends up being like
xpoprocksandsoda: some creepy 40 yr old guy:
xpoprocksandsoda: ?*
Oox hikari: PERV
Oox hikari: yes
Oox hikari: i would
Oox hikari: id take you
xpoprocksandsoda: good.
Oox hikari: as my artillary
xpoprocksandsoda: haha
xpoprocksandsoda: yups.
Oox hikari: and my left arm
Oox hikari: as my brute force
xpoprocksandsoda: i'll bring a water gun.
Oox hikari: MAHAHAH
xpoprocksandsoda: that's my idea of weaponry.
Oox hikari: ahahah


I'm Not Okay (I Promise)-My Chemical Romance

Music by "Everything..."

this site is all about me. like it or love it i am who i am and cant change