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Here is my scheldue for stinky highschool :(

well here is all my classes for highschool. if anyone else has any of my classes please e-mail me or IM me telling me because im in like no classes with anyone ::cries::

1. intro to physical sciecen [hurrt J]
2. algebra 1 a [longo e]
3. cp english [joegensen j]
4. intro to culinary arts [kaplan d]
5. lunch
6. gym [procopio t]
7. cp world history [mitchell c]
8. spanish beggining [smyth d]
homeroom is I-208 [Atkinson K]
if anyone has classes with me PLEASE im me. god  hates me now... i have decided it and its sooo tru :-(

i love looking at the clouds

She Will Be Loved-Maroon 5

Music by "Everything..."

this site is all about me. like it or love it i am who i am and cant change