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Here are the horoscopes for the month of September:


You've got a suspicious mind, Capricorn, but don't just brush things off. If something bugs you, look into it. Paranoia or a worthwhile investigation? It's hard to say today, as mixed messages will be flying all over the place. Dig around a little and find out some facts. It will give you peace of mind either way.



Be careful about keeping score in friendships. Don't give if you are expecting to receive in return. You're a nice person, Aquarius, but that doesn't mean you have to say yes all the time. If you've overextended yourself, take a break from giving today. Otherwise you could wind up feeling like people are taking advantage of your kindness.



Double check your e-mails before sending them off. Make sure your message is clear to avoid miscommunications. The way you word things can make or break a situation. In fact, it might be better to pick up the phone and talk to someone rather than sending an e-mail or text message. That way, people will be able to tell what your tone of voice is.



Denial ain't just a river. If something's bugging you, speak up. P.S.: These convos are best had in private. You may need to clear something up with a person who offended you. Remember that this person may have no clue that you're feeling this way. Be gentle, but keep it real. You can both learn something from this experience.



Saying no to friends isn't easy, especially when you hate hearing it yourself. You've gotta do it though sometimes. Draw the line with people if they've pushed you too far. If they don't like you after that, then they weren't your real friends to begin with. The people to keep around? Friends who let you choose freely without all the guilt trips.



Finishing what you started can be hard. Try not to leave too many loose ends out there today though. Don't start another new thing before you've wrapped up the old. You have enough piles of unfinished projects in your room as is. Make an effort to complete a few of them today. Toss out old papers in the trash.



Working with other people can bring about conflicts. Choose a solo mission over a team effort today. It's a "my way or the highway" kind of day for you, Cancer. There's nothing wrong with that if you're working independently. Give yourself room to have things exactly how you want them today. Don't force others to go along with your plan. The people who share your vision will join you naturally.



You need space to reinvent yourself. Break away from traditional types and let your creativity flow. Feeling boxed in by your friends' judgments? You might have given them a little too much power in your life. Don't get mad at them. They are entitled to their opinions, but so are you! Go somewhere that you feel free to be yourself.  



Take a cool out break today and go sit by a lake or pond. Bring along your camera or a great book to read. Make it a relaxing day, as much as you possibly can. Crowded malls and shopping centers will just plain stress you out now. There's no rush to get those last-minute back-to-school deals. They'll be there tomorrow too.



Someone in your group may not be worthy of trust. Sniff out any backstabbers and call them out on it. If you've caught wind of someone spreading rumors, nip that drama in the bud -- even if the rumors aren't about you. Let this person know that this is not acceptable to you. You might want to give her a get out of jail free card, however, if this is her first offense.



You're ready to roll with the big dogs. Leave the slackers and small time players alone. They're no use to you now. As you climb the charts, you need VIPs on your side. Gather your dream team together over the next few weeks. Keep your standards high, even if it means that things take a little longer to get off the ground.



Set yourself free from worrying today. Put aside projects that stress you out and seek happier things. If life seems like an uphill battle, you might just have chosen a mission that's not worth fighting for. It doesn't have to be that hard! Spend time with people who you just click with today. You deserve a break!


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